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How common is the common cold?

Category : Health & Wellness Added By : soni on Dated : 02-Nov-2009 11:11 PM

How common is the  common cold?

    Most of us are once  is our life are affected with this disease. It is impossible for anyone to  escape of its hands. Now you might have got guessed which one is it. And you  are right it's the – Common Cold which catches your nose very easily. Well,  till now this minute disease has no cure developed but few little steps and  general precautions can help you out. But before that first of all we should  have knowledge of what it's all about.

  Meaning:  - Common Cold is simply is an acute inflammation of the upper tract involving  nose and throat. It's a communicable disease transferring from one person to  other through virus. One attack lasts for two to three weeks.

  How can you  know it?

  Well there are many symptoms through which you can detect  this menace like running nose, sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, slight  headache, watering of eye and low grade fever. It often spreads to the throat causing  cough and sore throat. The sense of smell and taste is blunted.

  Why does it  occur?

  It occurs due to a virus. But as it is a communicable disease,  it can be transmitted through one human to another direct hand-to-hand contact  with infected or through the nasal or coughing droplets directly through  sneezing and coughing or through contact with different object where this virus  is present.   

  General care:- 

  • Take  rest or extra hours of rest, keep warm.
  • Avoid  changing temperatures.
  • Drink  plenty of liquids
  • Blow  nose gently to avoid forcing infection to ears and sinuses. 
  • Stay  away from the infected person.
  • Avoid  sitting in draught or get the feet wet especially in changeable weather.
  • Avoid  getting over tired.

 Worse Effect:-

  Well saying it common cold makes it sound a minute disease  but if not checked may lead to serious illness, so due care is necessary. If  the cold shows any sign of getting worse like prolonged shivering, noticeable  fever(102 degree F), pain in the chest, ears or face, shortness of breath,  etc….The cold may have entered into a different phase  where in case early treatment do diagnosis is  advisable.

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