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Dating tips for this New Year

Category : Love & Relationship Added By : Sulekha Prasad on Dated : 29-Dec-2009 11:12 AM

If  you haven't said it yet, it's the right time to ask your girl for a  date. New Year will add zing to your mood and probably make you more  comfortable in revealing your love for her.

Going on a date sounds awesome but guys, there are things you should be careful about while going for a date.  Here are few tips on dating:

  • Reach the venue before time at least five minutes earlier. The girl will simply love to see you waiting for her.
  •   Be a gentleman. Pull out chair for her, make her sit comfortably,  display proper table etiquettes but be careful don't overdo, the girl  shouldn't get a false image of you.
  • If you still think you won't be able to propose her, bring her a gift or a card which can express your feelings well.
  • Be romantic. Make her feel special. Tell her what you feel for her.  Tell her how important she is for you. Hold her hand and she will  simply cherish the moment forever.
  • The girl might also have some feelings for you. Try reading her body  language. May be she wants you to hold her hand, hug her or simply kiss  her. But never jump into anything forcefully. She might not feel  comfortable.
  • Don't make her feel ignorant. If you get to meet any of your friends,  don't ignore her. Introduce her to your friends. Holding her hand in  front of them and this will make her feel more special.
  • Don't keep talking continuously. Let her share her views and feelings.  If she is honest about her feelings which are not in your favour, do  respect her feelings. Listen carefully. It may leave a long time  impression on her.
  • Give her space. Don't peep into her mobile phone messages, call list  etc. It simply turns the girl off. You should trust her.
  • Pay the bill. Don't let her pay even if she insists.
  •   Ask if you can drop her. This is the time she might reveal her true  feelings for you. You can also ask how she felt being with you.
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