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Some Good FACE TO FACE Interview Tip's

Category : Career & Education Added By : Lalita on Dated : 03-Aug-2010 12:08 PM

You are ready from top to bottom for an interview .You knows these questions may be asked but didn't know how to present them or how to interpretate our words.Over all questions is how to carry our self?

Just believe yourself and we know all that nobody is perfect. So don't hesitate for anything just go on following tips:

  • Need to do some basic research on the company
  • Job requirements for the desired position
  • Prepare some questions of your own, beforehand, that relate specifically to the job or company's services
  • Be aware of your body language and interview behavior.
  • Be ready for surprises, such as possible hypothetical questions relating to your character, example: "what would you do if you caught an employee stealing from the company" etc.
  • Do your best to put the interviewer at ease.
  • Practice your interview skills. Try to do some mock interviews with a friend, a parent, a counselor at the State Career Center, with somebody.
  • Drink water twice, thrice before interview for to be cool.
  • Look around the company for presence of mind questions.
  • Try to make an eye contact with the interviewer.

Always remind that try to build a mind and have a faith and belief that you can do it. Nothing is 'impossible' because word itself says I m possible.

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