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Must Follow Steps to Avoid Dengue

Category : Health & Wellness Added By : Lalita Mohan on Dated : 25-Aug-2010 11:08 AM

Dengue  fever is caused by a virus; there is no specific medicine or antibiotic to  treat it. There is currently no vaccine available for dengue fever.

Voiding of mosquitoes breeding places
    1. Cover  water containers -Tight covers on water storage containers will prevent the mosquitoes  laying their eggs there. If the cover is loose, mosquitoes can go in and out.

2. Septic tanks and soak-away pits -Cover  and seal these, so that dengue mosquitoes cannot breed there.
3. Removal of rubbish -Garbage articles  and other rubbish found around houses can collect rainwater. They should be  removed or smashed and buried in the ground or burned, where this is  permissible.
4. Biological control -Mosquito  wigglers can be controlled by small larva-eating fish, such as guppies. These  fish can be found in streams or ponds or obtained through pet shops. Bacterial  pesticides will also kill mosquito wigglers.
5. Chemical control -Safe and easily  used larvicides such as temephos sand core granules can be placed in water  containers to kill developing wigglers.
  Prevent  mosquitoe bites
6. Mosquito coils and electric  vapour mats -Slow burning mosquito coils or electric vapour mats are  effective in the rainy season, just after sunrise and/or in the afternoon hours  before sunset, when dengue mosquitoes bite.
7. Mosquito nets -Nets  placed over sleeping places can protect small children and others who may rest  during the day. Curtains (cloth or bamboo) can also be treated with insecticide  and hung at windows or doorways, to repel or kill mosquitoes.
8. Repellents -Mosquitoes  repellents can be applied to exposed parts of the body where mosquitoes bite.  Care should be taken in using repellents on small children and the elderly.
9. Screens -Screens on windows  and doorways are effective protection against the entry of mosquitoes in homes.

10. Protection of people sick  with dengue -Mosquitoes become infected when they bite people who are sick  with dengue. Mosquito nets and mosquito coils will effectively prevent  mosquitoes from biting sick people and help stop the spread of dengue.

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